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Thank you for being interested in my work!  I know how daunting it can feel to choose the right Photographer, so before you book with me, I want to help you get to know a bit about who I am and what I believe. 

My boudoir philosophy is all about the implied story.  I shoot to empower, not just to show what you've got physically, but to show you what you've got emotionally.  After spending 6 months living in France, I learned the art of the femme fatale.  For me, it's all about the energy your images will exude - that classy, bold,  intimate vibe that keeps the viewer wondering and wanting more.
My life has been all about what I call the "femme ferale" - living life on my own terms, unbothered by society's expectations of me. I choose to shake stuff up often in my life, and I hope you see boudoir as an opportunity for you to do the same.  Change is healthy, step outside of your comfort zone, it's where reward waits.

All I ask is that you come to your shoot with an open heart and mind, and I know you'll leave with confidence.


Amanda & Libby

More about your photographer:


I've been a Professional Boudoir Photographer for a little  over a year now, and have ventured all over this wild country of ours with my furry partner in crime, my beloved black lab Libby.  Together we love hiking for hundreds of miles, eating pizza (I vote YES on pineapple!) and rocking out to the best of the 80's while driving, in the shower, editing photos, working out, umm...yeah, you catch my drift (but fear not - I'll always let you choose the music  during your boudoir session). I'm a messy bun, dirty boots, jeans-kinda-gal who can clean up pretty well, but only for special occasion.  What you see above is what you get, minus the hat, plus nicer pants, on the regular.  And if my future life partner is reading this, I can cook breakfast like a boss.


I've explored all kinds of photography, and love shooting everything and anything for the fun of it (check out my other work on  But there is something just so incredibly beautiful about helping others feel good in their bodies, and it truly is an honor for me to do professionally.  I've always loved being the friend who can be turned to in a time of need. So for me, boudoir is an opportunity to be that supportive, goofy friend who will help you see your worth, and I 110% believe it, because it's also helping me see mine.


I truly believe boudoir is for everybody with every body.  I do my damndest in life to be non-judgmental, am LGBTQ+ friendly, couples-friendly, and believe in sex positivity and body positivity.

And I believe boudoir is for you.

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